Review: Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park In Mars Hill, NC

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Looking for Asheville snow tubing? Pack up your crew for a drive to Mars Hill, NC — just  20 miles outside of Asheville — for some excellent North Carolina powder at Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park (spoiler alert — the snow may or may not be real…) Keep reading to learn more about the fun winter adventures that lie in store at Zip N Slip in Mars Hill!

Birds eye view of Mars Hill

Mars Hill — an idyllic small college town in western NC.

Where Is Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park Located?

No, we wouldn't send you to go snow tubing on a different planet (especially since there are few that would be hospitable to Carolina travelers). Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park can be found in the small college town of Mars Hill, NC. With fewer than 3,000 residents, Mars Hill is a greater cold weather retreat and option for getting away from the noise and stimulation of the bigger cities in NC.

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park's address is 10725 US-23 in Mars Hill, only 20 minutes outside of Asheville and half an hour from Johnson City, Tennessee. Parking is free at the facility.

How Do I Make Snow Tubing Reservations?

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park typically runs their snow tubing season daily from mid-December to mid-January and on weekends from then until the beginning of March. Should you make a snow tubing reservation? Absolutely, and here's why.

Zip N Slip generally sells out every single weekend and holiday. In the 2021-2022 season, for example, they turned an away an average of 200 people…daily! While walk-on reservations are possible, they are not guaranteed and fairly unlikely. Do yourself and your group a favor — make reservations ahead of time by booking online or giving Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park a call at 828-689-8444.

Once you are on the Zip N Slip booking page, simply select the date you wish to attend, as well as the session. You can book a one-hour session or two-hour session based on hourly increments

Prices vary depending on the date, participant, and other applied discounts. Similar to the pricing schedule at Jonas Ridge, Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park offers hour-long sessions for $30 and two-hour-long snow tubing runs for only $45 — a great deal! The cost for a Military/Police/Fire/EMS Discount is $22.50 or $37.50 each, depending on the length of your session. Group rates of more than 15 people are eligible for price cuts, and all children under five years old get in free! You do not have to include them when you are booking your reservation online.

Almost ready to go snow tubing! Each person attending Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park will need to fill out and submit a separate waiver, which is standard protocol for any snow tubing park in NC.

Two young people snow tubing at Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park in Mars Hill

Zip N Slip right back to your childhood with a ride down the Mars Hill slopes.

What's So Special About The Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Tracks?

Something that makes this Mars Hill snow tubing park stand out is its Solarium with a massive fireplace. Naturally, avid snow tubers might catch a case of frozen fingers, toes, and noses while they're out there passing the time. Don't miss out on full views of the snow tubing tracks from your warm break area, which is also great for hosting winter birthday parties.

Like many other snow tubing parks in NC, Zip N Slip does have a “magic carpet” — a most appreciated mechanical contraption designed to tow snow tubers of all ages and abilities back up the slopes after a speedy downhill session.

Being that Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park is housed in an unassuming college town, there are also plenty of things to do in Mars Hill that make it a worthwhile location for a weekend trip. Take a scenic hike up Big Bald lookout point, attend a production at the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, or visit Mars Hill University. From various vantage points on campus, you can see the peak of Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River.

Safety Measures and Guidelines

While everyone you see in a snow tubing picture is likely smiling with a massive grin across their face, it's important to remember that snow tubing, like any other winter sports in the Carolinas, has its risks. It's important to stay apprised of weather-related conditions, wear appropriate gear, and adhere to Zip N Slip Tubing Park rules for the safest possible experience.

Zip N Slip is very clear on their age requirement for snow tubing: only those ages three years old and above are permitted to take on the snow tubing tracks. While insurance regulations prevent Zip N Slip from allowing children under three to ride, you can give them a “consolation prize” by letting them take a picture with a snow tube.

The slopes run for over 800 feet in length at some spots — you'll want to hold on tight! Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park slopes are divided into approximately ten lanes, with only one snow tuber allowed to launch themselves per lane at once. Children and adults are able to ride in the same tube, and two children may ride in the same tube, but two adults are not permitted to ride in the same tube.

As mentioned previously, the “magic carpet” takes snow tubers back up the hill, potentially eliminating the risk of injury or fatigue. That said, it is important to exercise caution and maturity when ascending the slopes via the conveyor belt.

Worried about how to stop your snow tube without plowing all the way to Tennessee? Have no fear! Zip N Slip staff have engineered their slopes to enable friction to bring all riders to a natural halt at the bottom of the slope. No helmet required!

Woman having fun snow tubing

You might want to bring a change of clothes, lest you get ICED on the snow tubing lanes!

Can I Rent Snow Tubing Equipment At Zip N Slip?

While Zip N Slip Tubing Park doesn't mention anything on their website about renting snow tube equipment, the reality is that visitors likely won't need to rent anything. Riders will be bestowed a top-notch snow tube upon checking in, which will be theirs to use for the length of their snow tubing session.

Of course, being winter in North Carolina, you and your cohort will want to dress appropriately. Wear layers and accessories like hats and gloves to keep your extremities warm. If you peruse the reviews of snow tubing parks, you'll see frequent exclamations where attendees sang thanks for deciding to wear waterproof boots. They can make a big difference as far as keeping your feet warm, which are likely to get cold trekking around in the snow!

What Do People Like About Zip N Slip?

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park maintains some of the highest reviews of any snow tubing parks in NC, with nearly 600 Google reviewers assigning it an average of 4.7 stars.

Recent visitors regaled their favorite parts of visiting Zip N Slip — they loved the food truck options on site, the friendliness of the staff, and owner, and getting to roast marshmallows over the Solarium firepit after finish their rides

If you like Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park, you should also be sure to check out Hawsknest Snow Tubing, Frozen Falls Tubing Park, and Jonas Ridge Tubing Park for more of the best snow tubing parks in North Carolina.

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