Review: Frozen Falls Tube Park At Sapphire Valley

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Looking for snow tubing in Maggie Valley? Frozen Falls Tube Park is just one of the many delights awaiting winter sports enthusiasts at Ski Sapphire Valley: A Winter Sports Resort. Keep reading for more details on Frozen Falls snow tubing amenities and offerings!

Frozen Falls is located in Sapphire, NC

Are there frozen falls at Frozen Falls Tube Park?

Where Is Frozen Falls Located?

You can find Frozen Falls Tubing Park at 127 Cherokee Trail in Sapphire, NC. Part of the trifecta of Cashiers, Highlands, and Sapphire that makes up the “Land of Waterfalls” in North Carolina, it makes perfect sense that “Frozen Falls” is the moniker for this exceptional snow tubing park.

2024 will signal the 70th anniversary of Ski Sapphire Valley, which has served as a previous hangout for gold rushers, moonshiners, and country clubbers.

Plenty of parking is available at Ski Sapphire Valley, and the parking lot is only about 30 yards from the first set of snow tube lanes.

How Do I Make Snow Tubing Reservations?

Tubing sessions at Frozen Falls are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no advanced reservations via phone or email — unless you are booking for a group of ten snow tubers and more — and it is highly recommended that visitors arrive early to claim an open spot.

To confirm your snow tubing booking, you'll need to come to Frozen Falls with two forms in hand:

  • Ski Sapphire Waiver Form: required for all visitors to the Ski Area who will be boarding, tubing, or skiing (download here)
  • Frozen Falls Tube Park Individual Waiver: required by all individuals who will be enjoying the fun at the Tube Park (download here)
  • Optional: FAMILY Frozen Falls Tube Park Waiver: for families, submit this one form and eliminate the need for everyone to track their dirty snow boots into the Lodge! (download here)

Frozen Falls Tube Park sessions are for 1 hour and 45 minutes and they do sell out. Ready to get snow tubing at Frozen Falls?! The 2023-2024 snow tubing rates and session times are as follows:

  • $35/ticket (public rate) or $26/ticket (amenity rate)
  • Sessions at 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, and 4 PM

What's the amenity rate? Most Sapphire Valley properties are part of what's called the Sapphire Valley Master Association, and the owners pay an annual fee to fund local amenities at the Resort. If you're renting a VRBO in the area, it's possible that you can use their Amenities credentials to unlock discounted snow tubing tickets at Frozen Falls — to do so, simply click the VRBO “Ask the Owner a Question” button.

The Great Outhouse Races at Ski Sapphire Valley

As if you needed another reason to love living in North Carolina…

The Great Outhouse Races: What's So Special About The Frozen Falls Tube Park Tracks?

If you're wondering, “Where can I find the best snow tubing near me?” Frozen Falls Tube Park is your answer. The 500-foot run will have you and your crew hollering in excitement as you take on a 60-foot vertical drop, and there's a very handy “moving sidewalk” to bring you and your snow tube back to the top of the mountain for another dash.

Ski Sapphire Valley is branded as a “winter sports resort,” so visitors can expect an array of other exciting outdoor activities on site, like snow-skiing, snow-boarding, and embarking on winter zipline tours. After you're fatigued from icing out all your buddies on the slopes, rest your feet at the newly renovated Base Lodge Park and Fire Pit, complete with the Slopeside Tavern!

It must be said that one of the best reasons to visit Ski Sapphire Valley — other than snow tubing and sipping on hot cocoa — is to attend the Great Outhouse Races.

The 2024 Great Outhouse Races take place Presidents Day Weekend on February 17, 2024. In this annual event, participants compete in ridiculously bedecked outhouses on skis in a ritual that would elicit considerable consternation (and perhaps a wellness check…) from your everyday passer-by.

In triads, the first group member is “skiing” while seated on the outhouse toilet in a position meant to mimic well…doing what you do in an outhouse, regardless of the season. The second and third group members are lucky ones who get to push the outhouse along the race track!

There will be food and music to keep spectators even more entertained while they cheer on these courageous athletes. If you're looking for an excellent consequence for losing a bet, make the stakes high by designating the loser at the person who has to assume the “pooping position” in the Great Outhouse Races!

Safety Measures and Guidelines

While everyone you see in a snow tubing picture is likely smiling with a massive grin across their face, it's important to remember that snow tubing, like any other winter sports in the Carolinas, has its risks. It's important to stay apprised of weather-related conditions, wear appropriate gear, and adhere to Frozen Falls rules for the safest possible experience.

Let's start with the age limit and  height limit for Frozen Falls Tube Park: infants are not permitted, but children as young as two years old may ride in their own tube. Parents are ultimately responsible for their young snow tubers. As long as each individual is having fun in their own snow tube, everyone is happy; if needed, parents are able to hold on to their child's tube with the affixed handles.

We imagine the biggest safety measure to devote attention to is something you can do before stepping foot on Sapphire Valley -Resort — dress appropriately! We've all been there, elated to frolic in the (few and far between) Carolina snow, only to make a dreaded rookie mistake of not wearing sufficient socks and shoes.

Nobody likes trudging around in sopping wet socks, especially in the chill of a western NC winter! Wear durable, waterproof boots, if possible, and if there's any opportunity to layer up, do it. The warmer your internal body temperature can stay preserved, the longer you can enjoy the fun of snow tubing at Frozen Falls.

boy tubing at Frozen Falls Tube Park

What's better? The thrill of careening down an icy luge or the relief of getting to take an “escalator” back to the top?

Can I Rent Snow Tubing Equipment At Frozen Falls?

It is possible to purchase bibs for adults and children, depending on available inventory, though rental is not an option. Ski Sapphire operates a full rental shop where guests can select boots and helmets. Goggles are for sale but not for rent. 

As far as equipment, there's not much else to worry about! All snow tubes are stored on site and the Frozen Falls Tube Park staff works hard to ensure they are in top sliding condition. If you choose to go skiing or snow-boarding at Ski Sapphire Valley, you can rent boards or skis at the public or amenity rates.

What Do People Like About Frozen Falls?

Frozen Falls Tube Park one of the best-rated family-friendly snow tubing parks in NC, with over 300 Google reviewers assigning it an average of 4 stars.

Recent visitors remark that they had a great time taking their three-year-old to learn the basics of snow tubing, communication with staff was flawless, and they enjoyed the opportunity to stay on site at the Resort.

Visit Frozen Falls Tube Park to learn more or check out our additional recommendations for the best snow tubing parks in North Carolinas.


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