Review: Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing

Looking for snow tubing in Boone or Morganton? Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing is one of the most affordable snow tubing parks in North Carolina, making it a family-friendly activity for winter fun. Jonas Ridge has an excellent system in place for showing the ropes to new tubers and moving expert sliders swiftly back up the mountain. Keep reading to learn more about the North Carolina snow tubing season as Jonas Ridge!

Two kids at Jonas Ridge Tubing Park

These two kids look like they're ready to have a tubing park in their backyards…

Where Is Jonas Ridge Located?

You'll find Jonas Ridge Tubing Park smack dab in the middle between the city of Morganton to the north and Boone to the south at 9472 NC-181 in Newland, NC. At an elevation of 3,621 feet, Newland is the highest county seat in eastern America and is beloved for its many Christmas tree farms.

Not only is there free parking at this Newland snow tubing park, but Jonas Ridge' free, extended parking provides ample space for visitors; additionally, the parking lot is only a brief stroll from the ticket office.

How Do I Make Snow Tubing Reservations?

Jonas Ridge highly prefers patrons book their snow tubing sessions online, although you can also give them a call at 828-733-4155.

December 18 is the first day of the snow tubing season — you can visit the Jonas Ridge snow tubing calendar to view available sessions. Entry times are generally available from 10 AM to 4 PM, though select days open an hour earlier. There are 25 to 30 snow tubing sessions available per day, booked in 15-minute increments, so you can imagine that sessions will sell out quickly.

When you select your preferred date on the Jonas Ridge calendar, you will also note the number of standard tubes, kids tubes (ages six and under), and military discount tubes ($5 off for each family member — can be combined with kids pricing). A one-hour standard tubing session will cost you $30 on a Friday afternoon, though you can log two hours for a better price at $45!

Finally, you'll need to bring your signed snow tubing waiver with you to the Jonas Ridge ticket office upon checking in. After watching a brief safety video, you and your fellow tubers will be able to hit the slopes!

Snow tubing chaining at Jonas Ridge

Witness “chaining” in action!

What's So Special About The Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing Tracks?

While the snow may be fake, the good times on the snow tubing lanes are the real deal! The staff at Jonas Ridge understands that some youngsters may be a bit reluctant before sliding down the slopes. The snow tubing park offers a comfortable viewing area to watch tubers launch themselves down the hill or take a quick break before getting back on the “conveyor belt.”

That's right, Jonas Ridge' conveyor belt takes all the hard work out of snow tubing and compromises none of the fun. Once you've reached the bottom of the hill, you can hitch your ride back to the top without exerting any unnecessary effort — save it for the slopes! Speaking of spending energy…if your fun-tastic time at Jonas Ridge has you feeling a bit fatigued afterward, there are plenty of reasons to stick around in Newland and relax.

Enjoy a wine tasting at the Linville Falls Winery, take a light walk at Bobby McLean Memorial Park, or enjoy sumptuous mountain home cooking with riverside views at the lovely hidden gem Kaye's Kitchen.

Safety Measures and Guidelines

While everyone you see in a snow tubing picture is likely smiling with a massive grin across their face, it's important to remember that snow tubing, like any other winter sports in the Carolinas, has its risks. It's important to stay apprised of weather-related conditions, wear appropriate gear, and adhere to Jonas Ridge Tubing Park rules for the safest possible experience.

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing does not have a strict age minimum requirement, though they suggest that snow tubing will be best and safely enjoyed by children ages three years or older. Smaller tubes for children are available, and children younger than three years old are able to tube provided they can sit up straight in their own snow tube.

Any children six years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times; as far as riding goes, they need to be in a separate snow tube with the adult riding in their own individual tube. It is fine if the adult holds on to the child's snow tube handle, but under no circumstances is lap riding allowed.

If conditions are safe, Jonas Ridge staff allow up to four snow tubers to chain themselves together and descend the hill together. To properly ride “chain-style,” all snow tubers must hold the handle of the adjacent tubes through the end of the ride.

Finally, snow tubing is discouraged by Jonas Ridge during any stage of pregnancy, as falls or other safety hazards could pose threats to an unborn child or its parent.

Young boy riding a snow tube at Jonas Ridge

This snow tuber is living on the edge!

Can I Rent Snow Tubing Equipment At Jonas Ridge?

No need to worry about renting snow tubing equipment at Jonas Ridge — the staff will provide you with your own safety-inspected snow tube for your one-hour or two-hour session duration. 

Unlike other snow tubing parks in North Carolina, Jonas Ridge does not rent additional equipment or apparel. Obviously, dress for cold weather in warm layers with windproof shoes, gloves, and a hat that covers your ears. Waterproof shoes and pants tend to come in handy, though they aren't a requirement. If you have long hair, make sure it is pulled back — any loose objects hanging off of your person — like scarves, purses, etc. — are advised against. Finally, it's always a good idea to bring a change of clothes, especially if you have a longer ride home!

What Do People Like About Jonas Ridge?

Jonas Ridge Tubing Park has long maintained a position as one of the best-rated snow tubing parks in NC, with over 800 Google reviewers assigning it an average of 4.7 stars.

Recent visitors exclaim that the runs are super fast (with the last run #5 really getting you with the last bunny hop!), that all the facilities are clean and well-maintained, the lines moved fast, and the staff were wonderful and attentive.

If you like Jonas Ridge Tubing Park, you should also be sure to check out Hawsknest Snow Tubing, Frozen Falls Tubing Park, and Zip N Slip for more of the best snow tubing parks in North Carolina.

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