Your hunt for the elusive megalodon shark tooth will yield a pocketful of fossilized shark teeth and prehistoric treasures. While turbo-charged thrill seekers will opt for the kayak adventure into the wilderness around Charleston, the more laid-back among us can enjoy the thrill of the hunt from ever popular Folly Beach.

Megalodon Kayak Adventure

Family kayaks to find fossilized shark teeth

Go all Indiana Jones as you kayak into the wilderness around Charleston in search of shark teeth and prehistoric treasures.

The kayak trip is limited currently to ages 10+ (see Folly Beach for little dino-fans). Your trip guide, Ashby Gale, is a paleontologist who has earned pages of rave reviews – even from the just-along-for-the-ride crowd – for his patient and relatable instruction, immense dino knowledge, and of course the prehistoric treasures you’ll bring home.

Who doesn’t love getting a little muddy and discovering ancient treasures?!

Folly Beach Fossil Hunt

Morris Island lighthouse across from Folly Beach Charleston

Book an outing at Folly Beach for your younger dino-fans. Charleston Fossil Adventures will teach you where to look and how to find fossilized shark teeth on the beach.

Get a little beach time and satisfy the demands of your little paleontologists with a megalodon shark tooth hunt on Folly Beach. You may not come away with the meg, but you're dino-fan is bound to come away with a pocketful of fossil treasures. Even better, this adventure is loved by kids and adults. So you'll pick up a fun new skill (fossil hunter) and have a entertaining distraction for your next beach trip. See the Folly Beach Adventure from our recommended guide.

Know Before You Go

The kayak adventure requires closed-toe and closed-heel footwear. Sunscreen, hat, bug repellant, light-colored and lightweight clothing is highly recommended. This is a rain or shine activity, so raincoats are advisable for summer pop-up storms. Bring your water and snacks.

Thrill-O-Meter – 7

  • Ages: 10+ (other options for younger paleontologists)
  • Where: Charleston, SC
  • When: Year round
  • Cost: About $150 per person
  • Guide: Charleston Fossil Adventures

Where To Hunt

While the Carolina Traveler team recommends a guide for your first time out, fossilized shark teeth can be found (with some searching) on Folly Beach near Charleston.

Photo credit: Charleston Fossil Adventures

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