How To Earn FREE Polar Express Tickets

Children of all ages will delight in boarding the train in their pajamas in this magical train ride experience inspired by the hit movie! And better yet, there's a way to earn FREE Polar Express tickets.

What Is The Polar Express?

Many Carolina Travelers will recognize “The Polar Express” as the beloved children's book written by Chris Van Allsburg, which was first published in 1985 and later adapted into an animated film in 2004 (starring Tom Hanks).

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The Polar Express story revolves around a young boy who embarks on a magical journey to the North Pole on a mysterious train, the Polar Express, on Christmas Eve. Filled with wonder and excitement, the boy, along with other children, encounters a variety of enchanting adventures, meets Santa Claus, and learns about the true spirit of Christmas.

The story is a heartwarming tale of belief, imagination, and the power of the holiday season, capturing the essence of childhood wonder and the magic of Christmas. It has become a cherished part of holiday traditions for many families, evoking a sense of nostalgia and the enduring belief in the magic of Christmas.

What is The Polar Express Experience

The Polar Express train ride is a 70-minute family experience in which the train chugs its way to the North Pole, a ride complete with hot chocolate, cookies and a reading of “The Polar Express” story.

Picture this: the enchanting melody of a movie soundtrack fills the air as families embark on a magical journey to the North Pole. On board the train, warm cups of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are served, ensuring smiles all around. Passengers are captivated by the timeless tale of Chris Van Allsburg's THE POLAR EXPRESS™, read aloud to transport them into the heart of the story. Upon reaching the North Pole, excitement reaches its peak as everyone steps off the train to witness Santa himself presenting the very first gift of Christmas. And here's the best part: as the train arrives at Candy Cane Lane, each and every believer on board is gifted their very own sleigh bell, a cherished memento of this unforgettable adventure.

When Does The Polar Express Run In NC?

The Polar Express rides again on…

  • Nov. 10-11
  • Nov. 17-19
  • Nov. 24-26
  • Dec. 1-3
  • Dec. 7-10
  • Dec. 12-23

Who Should Ride The Polar Express?

We're of the opinion — and we think Santa would agree — that Carolina Travelers of all ages will adore The Polar Express. This train ride is a great family-friendly event and kids holiday activity sure to capture the imagination of many “young believers.” Children of all ages are encouraged to wear their pajamas for the ride, just like the characters from the children's story.

Do I Have To Pay For Polar Express Tickets?

Polar Express tickets range in cost, depending on the age of the rider and the “class” of the train car. There are also different packages and add-ons available, so the price of Polar Express tickets is bound to vary from customer to customer. Ticket prices range from $34 to $390!

You might think that we're channeling our mischievous elf energy when we allude to the possibility of free Polar Express tickets, but we're being totally sincere. There's a totally simple way to secure FREE Polar Express tickets.


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Free Polar Express Tickets


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