Fall Colors Giveaway: We’re Giving Away 2 Free Glasses In Support Of Color Blindness

Imagine the world bursting into life upon seeing color for the first time, as the once-muted landscape unveils its hidden treasures. The crystal clear Tar Heel blue sky. The pink and purple seashells bestowed upon the shores by the Atlantic Ocean at high tide. The kaleidoscope of orange, red, and yellow leaves witness from a serene vantage point along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

For those who were born, bred, or drawn to the Carolinas, there's never a moment when its understated allure is taken for granted. This September, Carolina Traveler is hoping to create such life-altering experiences for two individuals living with color blindness.

Difference with color blindness glasses

Color blind glasses can make a world of difference in experiencing the beauty of the natural world.

September Is International Color Blind Awareness Month

One in 12 men (8%) and one in 200 women (.5%) are color blind — 13 million in the US and 350 million worldwide. People with red-green color vision deficiency (“color blindness”) only see 10% of the one million hues and shades visible to those with regular color vision. At work, school, in daily life, or when exploring nature or viewing artwork, it can be difficult for them to see and experience red and green and colors containing them. What's more — nearly half of color blind people don't discover that they are color blind until after 7th grade. Almost 20% don't have the realization until after high school.

In honor of Color Blind Awareness Month in September, Carolina Traveler is partnering with EnChroma Color Blind Glasses to support color blind awareness with a Fall Colors Giveaway. We are excited to give away two pairs of EnChroma glasses to two winners in the hopes of opening their world to a broader range and deeper intensity of color. Iconic destinations like Rainbow Row in Charleston, the Great Smoky Mountains of western NC, the dazzling boardwalk attractions of Myrtle Beach, and the beautiful gardens, art, and murals that make up the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge can now be more fully experienced and appreciated by color blind Carolina Travelers.

Hot air balloon viewed by color blind person v. with color blind glasses

Win your free color blind glasses in time to attend the Carolina Balloon Fest this fall!

Rules For Entering The Carolina Traveler Fall Colors Giveaway

Anyone can take the test, but only Carolina Traveler VIPs are eligible to enter and win the Fall Colors Giveaway.

Please review the terms for entry:

  • Entrants must NOT wear or need prescription glasses for vision issues besides reading or driving (wearing contact lenses is fine).
  • The winner of the Fall Colors Giveaway will be asked to verify their color blindness by submitting (by email) their results of the EnChroma color blindness test. Please email your test results to [email protected] as a PNG, JPG, or PDF file attachment. Your emailed test result must have your full name on it and match the full name on your Carolina Traveler VIP account.
  • Each entrant may only submit one test result — your emailed test result will count as your single submission.
  • The winner of the Fall Colors Giveaway will be required to post their reaction to trying on the EnChroma glasses for the first time and to tag @CarolinaTravelr and @enchroma social channels.
Strawberries viewed by a color blind person v. non color blindness

Suddenly, a strawberry tastes that much richer when viewed through color blind glasses…

When Will The Fall Colors Giveaway Winner Be Announced?

The Fall Colors Giveaway will take place throughout the month of September, with the winners being drawn at noon on Friday, Sep. 29, 2023.

Carolina Traveler VIPs who enter the Fall Colors Giveaway should keep an eye out in their email for correspondence from Carolina Traveler announcing their prize and further instructions. Carolina Traveler will also announce the name of the two winners — once confirmed — in our weekly newsletter.

Color blindness statistics

Take the EnChroma color blindness test to learn your current color perception.

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Men color blindness statistics.

To experience color blindness, the genetic mutation for colorblindness must be present on the X chromosome, but for women, this means it must be present on both X chromones. Men only need to mutation to be present on their singular X chromosome, making it much easier for them to inherit color blindness.

“I Am Not Going To Get Emotional” People With Color Blindness Experience Color For The First Time

Check out the following reaction videos to see the special moments when people with color blindness experience the full spectrum of the rainbow for the first time:

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