This weekend, take your family out for a unique adventure hidden away in the mountains of western North Carolina. Spend the day at Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock, NC, and experience a one-of-a-kind place where the laws of physics seem to not apply.

Visitors can witness things like water that appears to roll uphill instead of downhill and people “losing” their shadows around the area. You’ll have a hard time finding explanations for it all! Mystery Hill is one attraction you and your family won’t want to miss.

Where is Mystery Hill?

Mystery Hill is in Blowing Rock, just south of Boone, at 129 Mystery Hill Ln., Blowing Rock, NC 28605. It's an easy drive from Charlotte, Upstate SC, western NC and the Triad. Your day trip to Mystery Hill can include plenty of other fun things to do in Blowing Rock.

What is There to Do at Mystery Hill?

Visitors come to Mystery Hill for many reasons. From finding gemstones by sifting through mine bags to attempting to solve the mystery of the Gravitational Anomaly, you’ll find it easy to spend several hours here. You’ll likely still not get the chance to do everything in just one trip!

Gravitational Anomaly

Take a tour of a building designed to showcase examples of gravity acting out of the ordinary. Is there something paranormal occurring at Mystery Hill, or is it easily explained by science? You and the kids can decide as you walk unsteadily through the building, trying not to fall due to the strange gravitational effects. Kids will have fun testing out the tricks by rolling balls along the floor—watch their surprise as these balls seem to roll upwards, defying gravity! Outside the building, visitors can stand on the Old Cider Mill Platform and watch as their heights seem to change by a full six inches!

santa and a yeti having fun

Don't worry, Santa's helper survived – it's a friendly yeti

Bubblerama & Hall of Mystery

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Mystery Hill gives visitors the chance to experience views from inside a giant bubble. Pull out your phone and snap some pictures of this unusual experience. In the Hall of Mystery, visitors get to “fly” and even experience playing with a lightning-like object.

Tomahawk Throwing

Harder than it looks, tomahawk throwing at Mystery Hill is a great way to have a friendly competition with family. Adults can choose between tomahawks and throwing knives to hurl while the younger folks can use foam or Velcro axes. Do you have the skill to make a bullseye?


tomahawk throwing

Your mom always said don't play with sharp objects, but here it's OK

Dougherty House

Take a tour of the Dougherty House during your visit to Mystery Hill. This structure was the home of Appalachian State University’s founder, Dauphin Disco Dougherty (who also happened to be Daniel Boone’s son). If you visit on the first Saturday of the month, you can make it in time for Storytelling Saturday.

Gem Mining

Kids can try their hand at mining for the day. Purchase a few “mine rough bags” and let your little ones sift through the dirt to find shiny gemstones they can take home. They’ll even get a colorful miner’s helmet to remember the experience.

Family prospecting for gems

You might not strike it rich, but you'll have fun trying

Professor Finnegan’s Photos

Show off your theatrical side by taking some old-fashioned photographs against the background of your choice. You’ll get to dress up in colorful costumes designed in antique styles, and visitors can even choose to have your pictures taken against a green screen. Take home a print for a fun memory!

Bull Riding

Feeling brave? Take a ride on Mystery Hill’s mechanical bull. There are different settings to choose from that make it possible for even young visitors to show off their rodeo skills.

mechanical bull riding

Can you make it 8 seconds?

River Walk

The Middle Fork Greenway Trail is just outside the Mystery Hill premises. During your visit, you can take a stroll along this trail down to Sterling Green Park. If you have a North Carolina’s fishing license, you can bring along a fishing pole and try your luck at trout-fishing.

Christmas Activities

This Christmas, head up to Mystery Hill, where Santa Claus is said to use the gravitational vortex to get from one part of the world to another. Kids can help find Santa’s elves that are scattered around the park by participating in the Elf Hunt.

Snowball fights are also on the winter activity menu, as well as a Christmas light walk. Enjoy listening to Christmas carols sung by staff members while children have fun making crafts in Lillie’s Craft Cabin. Visitors who are ages 21 and up can enjoy holiday-themed drinks. “Crazy Christmas,” as it’s known, runs from November 19-December 30.

santa and a yeti singing a song

After years of piano lessons as a kid, the Yeti can finally put those skills to use!

Mystery Hill Admission Prices

Mystery Hill admission prices depend on which activities you plan to take part in during your stay. Tickets start at $26.95 per person. The “Choice Ticket” option is the most budget-friendly and gets you access to the Gravitational Anomaly, Hall of Mystery, and a few of the other site attractions. Upgrade to the “Ultimate Ticket” option ($44.95) or the “Ultimate Plus Ticket” ($59.95) for access to the tomahawk throwing station, several different photo options, and gem mining packages.

Know Before You Go

Families will want to take a look at the forecast for weather in Blowing Rock, NC before heading out to Mystery Hill. If you plan to visit during the winter months, remember that Blowing Rock’s winter lows are often below freezing, so you’ll need to dress appropriately. You’ll likely be doing lots of walking around both inside and outside. The property’s location in the Blue Ridge Mountains means that weather can change quickly, even in the warmer months, so always have at least a spare lightweight jacket in the car just in case.

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