Carolina Traveler Holiday 2022

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It's time to unwrap new holiday traditions! This season we share the warm embrace of small towns like Mount Holly and Elizabethtown with plenty of things to do. Do a little shopping for handcrafted gifts in Burlington and Seagrove, and explore the history behind our affection for “Old Christmas.”

If you're looking for things to do (to get family members out of the house), check out the day trip ideas we share on page 16, including learning to curl, easy winter hikes, antique shopping, indoor trampoline parks and an arcade bar! Plus, don't miss the fun events coming up like the Seagrove Pottery Festival, the opening of snowless tubing (?!?!), a Christmas parade with camels, the dropping of illuminated footwear, crazy people jumping into mountain-cold water and a rockin' oyster festival (editor's note: I like mine steamed).

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Santa in a red firetruck graces the cover of the Carolina Traveler Magazine Holiday issue 2022

He knows if you've been bad or good… so if you've been good, catch him at a parade!

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