Bubble Cannons And Bomb Bowling! Summer Adventures In Randolph County NC

Randolph County NC is an emerging haven for summertime adventures. The region offers a plethora of activities to delight thrill-seeking travelers in particular, and that's largely thanks to the creative endeavors of Tony Wohlgemuth — founder of Kersey Valley Attractions. 

In addition to sharing insights from our interview with Wohlgemuth, we're shedding light on other fun things to do when you're not ziplining through tree canopies and “bomb bowling,” including serene natural wonders like the Faith Rock Formation.  Let's set off for an unforgettable summer 2024 adventure in Randolph County NC!

Tony Wohlgemuth and zip-liners at Kersey Valley Attractions

Look for Kersey Valley Attractions Tony Wohlgemuth while enjoying your zipline adventure!

Meet The Willy Wonka Of Randolph County

Why are you visiting Randolph County NC? Odds are, to experience one of the thrilling Kersey Valley Attractions. Founder Tony Wohlgemuth understands what thrill seekers are looking for, and he has the bravery to design and build it himself! Take on ziplining and “bomb bowling” – the football, bowling, horseshoes, and cornhole mash-up you didn’t know you needed.

If you're lucky, you'll see Wohlgemuth on site, meeting a contractor for a concrete pouring, sending patrons off on the zip line, or giving a pep talk to staff before they don their Spooky Woods costumes and get ready to scare patrons. In addition to year-long thrills like outdoor laser tag, ziplining, axe-throwing, escape games, and bomb bowling, Kersey Valley Attractions hosts seasonal events drawing thousands of NC locals and guests:

We're a-maized by Wohlgemuth's ability to continue finding ways to make the most of his little piece of heaven in Randolph County NC. Of course, not every idea has worked out, and Wohlgemuth credits his ability to pivot as the key to his success with Kersey Valley Attractions in Randolph County NC.

Axe-throwing at Kersey Valley Attractions in Randolph County NC

Think you can hit the target? Sharpen your axe-throwing skills at Kersey Valley Attractions.

The Curse Of The Sudden Death Express

He regaled us with what we thought would end up as a real-life horror story that started with an exciting idea to build a locomotive train called the Sudden Death Express. In his mind, this contraption would whir 100 passengers through the existing park, equipping them with laser guns to shoot zombies and making use of WiFi features to add heart-pounding audiovisual effects.

Wohlgemuth and his staff worked through rainy nights to prepare for a serious inspection with the Department of Labor. Four DOL inspectors said he would need to build a fence to keep outsiders from accessing the track. Not a problem! But then, how could he scare train passengers if the actors in costumes couldn't get close enough to thoroughly creep them out?!

Now here's a pivot…Wohlgemuth took it upon himself to reach out to the voice of the Disney Haunted Mansion to voice a ghost story which would play while patrons rode along the Sudden Death Express, which had by then been souped up with all kinds of video screens and speakers. Everything looked and sounded great! So why, then, is the Sudden Death Express not listed on the Kersey Valley Attractions website?

To put things succinctly, “People HATED it.” What happened was one of the biggest gut-punches of Wohlgemuth's career. He laughs as he recounts his PR person not knowing he was there and remarking, “Well that was underwhelming…” The reaction was so cringeworthy that Tony cancelled all future tickets and issued refunds to everyone.

Kersey Valley Christmas

The Kersey Valley Christmas event is one of the best holiday spectaculars in the Piedmont area!

A Christmas “Gift” From COVID

As readers might imagine, we were horrified imagining all all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating a one-of-a-kind attraction, constantly modifying it, and ending up with something so far removed from what you had originally conceived. Many in a similar situation might have accepted defeat. You know where we're going with this.

Wohlgemuth quickly got over his party and continued to invest in the theme of pivoting. Despite COVID-19 threatening once again to “derail” his creative stamina, Tony turned the Sudden Death Express into an epic Christmas train. He spent quarantine bringing to life every magical moment of unexpected discovery that guests would encounter along the ride. Add a million lights and you have an overwhelming success. The number of people who travel to Randolph County NC during Christmas solely to attend Kersey Valley Christmas continues to climb.

Top of Faith Rock Formation

Imagine the decision Andrew Hunter must have faced when confronted atop Faith Rock by David Fanning!

Other Ways To Enjoy The Great Randolph County NC Outdoors

Don’t miss the North Carolina Zoo while you’re in Randolph County NC, especially in the summertime!  Spanning over 500 acres, this sprawling wildlife sanctuary is home to over 1,800 animals from around the globe. The open-air vehicle Zoofari ride is the best way to see rhinos, gazelles, and other wildlife up close! For a truly unforgettable experience, opt for a behind-the-scenes Wild Encounters tour, where guests can interact with zookeepers and get up close and personal with their favorite animals.

For a day hike that blends history, geology, and endurance, hike the Deep River State Trail to come upon the Faith Rock Formation, a 50-foot bluestone outcrop that marks the site of a wild Revolutionary War stand-off! The story goes that local Andrew Hunter was captured by Tory leader David Fanning while en route to market. Despite being captured, Hunter stole Fanning's horse and weapons and escaped capture, despite being shot twice!

Fanning retaliated by plundering Hunter's home and holding his pregnant wife hostage, but Hunter once again evaded death when Fanning's band was forced to evacuate Charleston.

In an ultimate act of vengeance, Fanning returned much later to retrieve the horse. Preparing to meet Hunter on a planned return trip home, they confronted him at the site of the Faith Rock Formation. In surrendering , Hunter would face certain death, so he chose the only other option…a risky jump off the Faith Rock Formation into the river. He chose the latter, surviving and escaping again! Fanning, frustrated, left without his horse or revenge.

Davis Rodeo Ranch

After a night at Davis Ranch, you'll forever be able to say, “This ain't my first rodeo!”

More Horsin' Around In Randolph County NC

You don't have to make a death-defying leap to experience an equestrian thrill in Randolph County NC. Just don your finest rodeo apparel and head to the  bull-riding action at Davis Rodeo Ranch, which hosts regular events throughout the summer.

You'll probably want a beer to go with that. If it’s summer, we’re drinking the Red Wolf Red IPA from Four Saints Brewing – proceeds contribute to the North Carolina Zoo’s red wolf conservation efforts.

What with all these thrill-seeking shenanigans, it's best to keep your belly moderately full with a foundation of good eats. Fill up on Southern staples like fried chicken and chicken and dumplings at Magnolia 23. Yes, the cornbread comes with it!

Need a place to hang your saddle? The heart of NC is best experienced amid the Piedmont pine forests. Enjoy a fireside nightcap to the perfect Randolph County summer day at the aptly named “Getaway Cabins,” providing the best in off-the-grid satisfaction. Each cabin includes a queen bed, hot shower, AC/heat, a stove, and a mini-fridge.

Alternatively, the family-friendly Yogi Bear’s Jellystone ParkCampground offers extra amenities like golf cart rentals, summer laser tag, fishing ponds, a bubble foam cannon, and more!

Rock 'n' the park downtown Asheboro summer concert series

Head to the Zoo City Social District for summer nightlife!

No kids in tow? Venture to downtown Asheboro for the Friday and Sunday Night Summer 2024 Concert Series! Located in Bicentennial Park, a series of nine concerts from May 19 to September 8 offers lively nightlife action for Randolph NC locals and visitors:

  • May 31: On the Border, The Ultimate Eagles Tribute Band
  • June 28: Larger Than Life, The Ultimate Boy Band Tribute
  • August 23: Cassette Rewind, The Ultimate 80's Tribute Experience

Bicentennial Park is located within the new Zoo City Social District, one of several up-and-coming phenomena popping up across the Carolinas wherein a cluster of businesses forms a zone where patrons can purchase alcoholic beverages in a designated cup, peruse participating shops and restaurants, and enjoy being part of a community. Learn about more social districts in NC



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