Plan A Weekend Getaway To The 10 Best Breweries In Asheville  

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Asheville has four times been named the coveted title of “Beer City, USA.” What beer lovers in Asheville may not know is that Asheville is home to many pivotal innovations in the American beer community. The best breweries in Asheville represent both classic and creative approaches to brewing observed in breweries all over the world. Millions of people each year plan a visit to Asheville, NC, just to sample as many beers as they can from the region’s ample options. Ahead, we’ll share some useful information on the best breweries in Asheville NC.

Funkatorium ranks #1 among the best breweries in Asheville.

At the Funkatorium, you can drink beer you may not find anywhere else in the Southeast!

The All-Time Best Breweries In Asheville 

The best beer in Asheville can be found at either Wicked Weed or Funkatorium, both of which brew under the Wicked Weed label. The main Wicked Weed Brewing facility specializes in West Coast-style hoppy beers, open-fermented Belgians, and barrel-aged sours. Those with a particular affinity for sour beers will find themselves in beer heaven at Funkatorium, located in the South Slope Brewery District of Asheville, NC.

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Some of Wicked Weed’s beers can be found in beer aisles of grocery stores around the nation. There are up to 26 beers on tap at the main Wicked Weed facility, such as the Pernicious IPA, which smacks of mango and tropical fruit. You’ll also find delightful innovations like a 6.1% ABV Tea & Crumpets traditional English pale ale. At the Funkatorium, you’ll find more rare styles of beer. The cherry-packed Ferme de Chien is a delicious Brett farmhouse sour. Other offerings incorporate watermelon, lychee, raspberries, and fermentation with different types of barrels.

New Belgium Brewing in Asheville, NC.

New Belgium offers one of the best brewery tours in Asheville.

The Best National Brand Breweries In Asheville 

Two breweries in Asheville have perfected the art of brewing and mass distribution of excellent craft beer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and New Belgium Brewing. If you’re visiting Asheville, you should definitely visit at least one of these locations during your trip. Both facilities boast plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, as well as brewery tours and a variety of food options.

Depending on the time of year, you’ll be able to see families enjoying live music on the green played by local bluegrass and rock bands. Sierra Nevada’s campus encompasses 200 miles of hiking and biking trails that meander among the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Belgium’s Brewing is adjacent to the French Broad River, making it a great point to stop off after a day of ziplining and whitewater rafting.

DSSLVR is one of the best breweries on Asheville's South Slope.

DSSLVR is close to several mouth-watering BBQ joints on the South Slope.

The Best Breweries In Asheville On The South Slope 

If you have visited Asheville before, you may have spent some time on the South Slope, an up-and-coming area that serves as one of Asheville’s most popular social scenes. Numerous breweries and beer gardens are scattered throughout the South Slope, in addition to cafes, art galleries, and more. Some of the most highly attended festivals in Asheville go down at the South Slope, such as Asheville Beer Week.

But wait – you’re here for the beer! While you can’t go wrong with any South Slope breweries, we think Eurisko Beer Company and DSSLVR are pouring the best sips on the Slope. A relatively new addition to the scene, Eurisko specializes in experimental creations like raspberry jalapeno sours, chai milk stouts, and blackberry lime Berliner Weisse. Pulling up a seat at DSSLVR’s bar will grant you access to other Asheville brewery cans in addition to the brewery’s own limited-edition collection. If you are traveling with kids, you’ll be pleased to know that both of these South Slope breweries have a variety of board games.

New Origin is one of the best breweries in Charleston

Enjoy a flight of beer in New Origin's airy, spacious brewery.

The Best Hidden Gem Breweries In Asheville 

The Asheville brewery scene is extremely competitive, as there are more than 30 breweries located within the city limits alone. In a craft beer destination city, there are certain breweries that will inevitably draw more traffic. Others, however, there are a handful of breweries blazing a trail in the craft beer scene without as much press. To get a taste of the best hidden gem breweries in Asheville, try the relatively new breweries New Origin and Archetype.

New Origin is one of the highest-rated breweries in Asheville, known for infusing ingredients rarely found in beer, like lavender and elderflower. They have also been known to collaborate with local Asheville bakeries and coffee shops in endeavors to generate unique, flavorful beers which incorporate those ingredients. Archetype actually maintains two locations, so it’s likely to be close to wherever you are on your beer-seeking excursion. Another boundary-pusher when it comes to beer, Archetype serves daring pours like a spicy Carolina Reaper farmhouse ale and a blood orange gose.

Highland Brewing is the oldest brewery in Asheville

Highland Brewing is the oldest brewery in Asheville with one of the best patios for drinking beer and enjoying beautiful scenery.

The Best Classic Asheville Breweries 

The last two best breweries in Asheville have been around long enough to edge out the competition. Highland Brewery – founded in 1994 – was the first legal brewery following Prohibition! Today it remains the largest family-owned, female-led brewery in the southeastern United States. You can access Highland’s beer calendar to see what they’ll be serving up each month of the year.

Burial Beer is another must-visit on the Asheville beer seeker’s itinerary. With two locations in Asheville at South Slope and Forestry Camp, checking Burial off your list shouldn’t be hard to do. Established in 2013, Burial was inspired by cultural traditions in New Orleans that celebrate the end of life via lively funeral processions. In 2021 and 2022, Burial was named Craft Beer & Brewing’s Readers Choice #1 Small Brewery in the World!

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