At some point during your beekeeping experience, you’ll find yourself holding a lit smoker next to a full beehive. While you might wonder to yourself, “What on Earth have I gotten myself into?!” we urge you to trust in the process! After all, about a third of the food we eat daily relies on bee pollination – we’ve been trusting bees all our lives!

Like drones to the hive, animal-loving thrill-seekers will gravitate to this one-of-a-kind beekeeping experience, which offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of bumblebees and their crucial role in our ecosystem. Under the guidance of highly experienced beekeeper and Airbnb Experience host Ben, participants will learn the essential “do’s and don’ts” of tending to bees.

Smoking out a bee hive in Unionville

Curious to learn why beekeepers smoke out hives? Learn why in Unionville!

Your beekeeping experience starts with a closed observation of a hive – consider this a “warm-up” of getting comfortable around bees. It’s best to show up with farm-appropriate clothing, meaning you’ll want pants and closed-toed shoes. After donning your personal protective gear, it’s time to get buzzing!

Examine a full hive of a working bee colony under a lit smoker – you might even get to spot the queen bee, if you’re lucky! Ample opportunities for close-up photos are provided during your beekeeping experience, and you’ll bee sure to leave with a greater understanding and respect for these remarkable insects!

Beekeeping attire

Beekeeping is hard work!

Outfitter: Ben (Airbnb Experiences)

Address: Zia Ridge Farm, 909 E Unionville-Indian Trail Rd, Unionville NC


Ages: –

Thrill-o-meter: 6

Rates: $80-99 per person

Dates: See website for up-to-date availability

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