Thomasville NC: It’s hard to withstand the charm of this “legacy town”

Thomasville NC is the kind of place that steals your heart when you were least expecting it. You can sense, between watching trains go by or admiring the restored Thomasville Woman's Club building downtown, that something palpable is being poured into this special place, and in a manner that could only be fostered by a community of people who believe in a shared mission. What is that, exactly? Those who were serendipitously charmed by Thomasville NC are more than happy to usher in locals beyond the “Chair City” welcome mat to find out…

Downtown Thomasville NC mural

Mills Home Mural in Thomasville NC | Photo: Grace Kanoy, VisitThomasvilleNC

We jumped on the Thomasville train a while ago…

Last winter, we featured Thomasville NC as our ultimate holiday destination. In the summertime, you can really enjoy all the outdoor activities that make Thomasville a special place. Partake in the train-watching heritage at the heart of Thomasville’s history. Locals will claim Mike’s Trains as one of the best spots to watch the more than 30 trains that chug through Thomasville daily.

While downtown, go on a scavenger hunt for the series of murals making Thomasville one of the top NC mural destinations. For works of art you can take home, Fancy Finds specializes in repurposed home goods and DIY classes – 100% of repurposed item proceeds go to support youth, aging adults, and families served through Baptist Children’s Homes of NC. The resale store is open the first and third Fridays and Saturday of each month.

Thomasville NC food collage

The places and menu items featured here are not included in the The Next 56 Days program…

Is there something in the water? The Thomasville draw, explained.

In searching for the perfect town ambassador for Thomasville NC, it wasn't hard to identify Steve Teglas as the person we need to talk to to get a feel for what's the secret to Thomasville's harmonious success. Steve made his way to Thomasville not expecting to stay. After giving up a career in restaurant management, he recalled: “You see a railroad track, a big chair, and there you go!”

Living in Thomasville NC, Steve started a program called The Next 56 Days to help people release fat, balance their blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. The inspiration came after he got healthy “and people noticed.” In an area proximal to the BBQ capital of North Carolina, 25 people showed up to his first class, which ran through the holidays to New Year's Day. The 56 days movement is a nod to how the program promoted a lifestyle change accomplishable in eight weeks.

Thomasville mural and Steve Teglas

Left: World's Largest Chair Mural
Right: Thomasville NC local Steve Teglas receiving a painting of himself at the Thomasville Woman's Club

Since then, Teglas has applied the “building the plane as you fly it” approach to recent community endeavors, including the recent completion of the Thomasville Woman's Club restoration project. Thomasville visitors will note this building walking downtown. Walking in, you'll discover the core of Thomasville improvement efforts. The Thomasville Woman's Club is dedicated to ongoing community projects, and Teglas' own nonprofit — ReVILLEing — is housed in the building.

We asked Steve to tell us about some of the most interesting things he discovered while restoring a Thomasville NC property, and he regaled us with an account of noticing unusual panels in the original Thomasville Woman's Club building layout. One of his friends bet that there would be an original panel behind it, and lo and behold, they found three perfectly intact 8′ by 8′ windows.

While visiting, Steve suggests guests stop by the Magnolia Room, which houses artifacts, mirrors, and other quirky Thomasville NC memorabilia. This is a special area where Thomasville brides complete a “legacy walk” down a hallway bespeckled with vintage chandeliers and photographs of weddings and events from the past century. On other nights, a retired Thomasville police officer who travels all over the East Coast as Elvis performs for a more intimate audience. Teglas recalls a random BINGO night that drew 220 people of all ages. There are major metro areas that couldn't attract such an impressive crowd with so little promotion. As it turns out, the people in Thomasville truly love living with alongside one another.

Rosie the goat at Rierson Farms

Rosie the goat at Rierson Farms is ready to say hello!

Farm to table in Thomasville NC

Perhaps it's the farm-fresh food that keeps people sticking around Thomasville. Join Rosie the goat and her animal friends at Rierson Farms, one of Thomasville’s hidden gems. In addition to growing farm fresh produce, eggs, livestock, and goat milk soap, Rierson Farms facilitates sweet encounters with farm friends like rabbits, chickens, and, of course, goats! Featured as one of the many vendors at the Thomasville Farmers Market which runs 8-12 on Saturdays from May 4 to September 21, 2024, Rierson Farms is happy to offer tours of its newly built Succulent House.

The food in Thomasville NC will have you scrambling to make it a permanent station on your NC day trip bucket list. Ask a local where to go, and Cross Ties is the first dinner place that will come to mind. From BBQ-smothered pork nachos or a juicy ribeye to seafood stuffed flounder and chicken and waffles, this place has everything and the kitchen sink.

Savor the golden crust and succulent tomato basil sauce of a margherita pizza at Elizabeth’s Pizza Thomasville for lunch. Put yourself to sleep with a special treat from Main Street Cone & Coffee – sweet dreams guaranteed.

Finch House Music Series attendees

Friends taking a break from the dance floor at the Finch House Music Series

A perfect day in Thomasville, according to a local

Steve Teglas can't say enough about downtown Thomasville's draw — the town recently earned the Main Street America accolade, which Steve attributes to the heart-work of nonprofit leader Tammy Joyce. In addition to the locations already referenced, Teglas mentioned stopping by the following locations for visitors (and locals!) to check out:

Memorial Day Celebration display with cannons and flags in Thomasville NC

The Thomasville Memorial Day Parade & Celebration is the largest in the SE United States.

Where (and when) to stay: Memorial Day in Thomasville NC

While the attractively priced hotel options like Comfort Inn Thomasville I-85  and Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Thomasville/High Point/Lexington are up to standard, Thomasville NC Airbnbs offer truly special accommodations. Book the Thomasville Airbnb Jacuzzi Tub | Patio and Grill for all the conveniences in a comfortable stay close to downtown Thomasville.

Long-time Carolina Travelers know that Thomasville NC is a guaranteed hit for families, couples, and those with wanderlust any time of the year. In addition to Christmas, we love spending Memorial Day in “Chair City.”

Thomasville's Memorial Day Parade & Celebration has been the largest of its kind in the Southeast US for more than three decades. The party entails a parade, military band performances, Blackhawk and Vietnam era helicopter displays, interactions with Purple Heart recipients and paratroopers, and a keynote address from a high-ranking US military official. There will be free hot dogs, beverages, and tons of fun for the whole family! View the latest Thomasville Memorial Day Celebration updates from its Facebook page.

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