Summer In Rockingham County: Why Go Inside At All?

We keep uncovering new treasures each time we return to Rockingham County NC. In the summertime, a perfect trip to Rockingham County includes a downtown mural tour, paddle session through Lake Reidsville, and walks through wildflower fields. Check out of the work week hustle and tune in to the good stuff in Rockingham County NC.

Reidsville NC mural

Summer challenge: Take a photo at all 14 murals on the Downtown Reidsville Art Tour

Take part in an emerging Carolina Traveler trend

Reidsville is at the top of our list when it comes to NC mural goals. More and more cities in the Carolinas are commissioning local artists to design and create murals in historic downtown areas that entice visitors to learn more about hometown heroes and their contributions to American culture/history.

Do a double-take strolling by sculptor Brad Spencer’s “Meet Me At The Square” brick sculpture, designed to capture the spirit of a small-town community made evident in places like Market Square, the “hub” of Reidsville.

Gina Franco mural

Happy mural trails 🙂

The “See Good In All Things” mural, created by artist Gina Franco in 2020, is a delightful stop along the Instagram-worthy Downtown Mural Tour. You can find it at the Police Department parking lot, south of 156 N Scales St.

Rockingham County NC local tip: You can walk or drive the Downtown Mural Tour. Here's the mural map with addresses and descriptions included.

Heron on the Chinqua Penn Trail

Birdwatchers will enjoy a thriving scene along the Chinqua Penn Trail

Rockingham County — there's really no need to go inside

Stop and smell the wildflowers along the Chinqua-Penn Walking Trail – part of the NC Birding Trail, where unexpected surprises like the Rock Dam give clues to the area’s fascinating history. Break out your binoculars in search of nearly 200 bird species, including woodpeckers, hawks, and kingfishers. During your walk along the Chinqua Penn Trail, make sure to look for the following sites:

  • Rock Dam
  • Pump House
  • Summer House at Lake Betsy
  • Rhododendron along the woodland trail
  • Little Niagara, a tiny waterfall on Betsy Branch

Did you know? The Chinqua Penn Trail is dog-friendly (well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome — see guidelines).

Fun on Lake Reidsville in Rockingham County NC

Fun on Lake Reidsville in Rockingham County NC

A visit to Rockingham County is incomplete without a paddle on Lake Reidsville. Take part in fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, and boating — for those who want to stick to land, a disc golf course offers a dry option. Fun fact, the course was designed by Russell Schwartz of Rock Hill, SC, considered the “Nike” of disc golf!

The pet-friendly Lake Reidsville Recreation Park offers an excellent camping setup for tents and RVs and 17 duck blinds available for duck hunting.

Chez Lindsey

B&B place setting goals…

Where to stay in Rockingham County

We are ready to become permanent residents of Chez Lindsey. This combination social house and bed and breakfast epitomizes modest Southern elegance. Even the queen herself – Elizabeth Taylor – once graced Chez Lindsey with her presence. You can reserve the Elizabeth Taylor Chambre, should you feel so inspired. Dinners, brunches, and specialty cooking classes are offered regularly – best to plan your visit accordingly!

River Club Madison and Blue Octopus

Top: Good beer and good music at River Club Madison; Bottom: Bring home a piece of Rockingham County at Blue Octopus Antiques

A classic travelers dilemma…

He wants to go brewery hopping, she wants to go home goods shopping… does anyone see a problem here? Not in Rockingham County, which offers the best of both worlds for couples with polar opposite itineraries. Get lost meandering Blue Octopus Antiques in Eden. Enjoy live outdoor music at River Club Madison. Or do both – isn’t that the secret to a long-lasting travel partnership?

Can't get enough of Rockingham County? Each time we visit, we discover a brand new itinerary! Read more about adventures in Rockingham County

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