Spring Break Destinations: Family-Friendly Things To Do!

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Discover the ultimate guide to Spring Break destinations in the Carolinas! Explore the best places to soak up the sun and make memories, including the top Spring Break destinations and family-friendly things to do (think dinosaur museums, raptor experiences, aquatic adventures, and more!)

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Spring Break Destinations: Your Guide To Hotels And Restaurants

Overwhelmed at the prospect of investing hours into hotel and restaurant research, with no guarantee that your Spring Break destinations are worth the effort?

Save precious time by perusing our Spring Break Destinations — hotel and restaurant recommendations for popular Spring Break cities in the Carolinas.

This juvenile T. rex skeleton has an efficient, avian pose, based on increasing evidence that dinosaurs and birds share many anatomical traits. Credit: Karen Swain/NCMN

The Best Dinosaur Museums In NC And SC

Dino enthusiasts, rejoice! Find fossil fun at top dinosaur museums in NC and SC. Unearth your paleontologist dreams with our curated list of dinosaur museums and attractions, featuring:

  • NC Museum of Natural Science (Raleigh, Whiteville locations)
  • Aurora Fossil Museum
  • Greensboro Science Center
  • Museum of Life and Science (Durham)
  • Doc's Rock Gem Mine and Appalachian Fossil Museum (Blowing Rock)
  • Ashville Museum of Science
  • Mineral and Lapidary Museum (Hendersonville)
  • South Carolina State Museum (Columbia)
  • Mace Brown Museum (Charleston)
  • Dino Park (Myrtle Beach)
  • Bob Campbell Geology Museum (Clemson)


Carolina Raptor Center is one of many great Spring Break destinations in NC

Raptor encounters are typically led by expert avian ambassadors.

Thrilling Raptor Experiences Entertain All Ages

Here are three animal encounters to your Carolina Traveler bucket list. Visiting a raptor center offers a unique and enriching experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages. Witnessing these magnificent birds up close provides a deeper understanding of their importance in the ecosystem.

Raptor centers often offer educational programs, allowing visitors to learn about conservation efforts and the challenges facing these birds. Additionally, many centers provide opportunities for rehabilitation, where injured raptors are nursed back to health before being released into the wild.

Engaging with these majestic creatures fosters a sense of appreciation for wildlife and inspires individuals to become stewards of the environment.

Visiting the SC Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Charleston SC

Have you ever pet a sting ray before? Learn about coastal marine life at the SC Aquarium.

Aquarium Showdown: Appalachian Rivers v. SC Aquarium

At the Appalachian Rivers Aquarium, visitors can embark on an immersive journey into the diverse aquatic ecosystems of the Appalachian region. They can explore interactive exhibits showcasing the rich biodiversity of rivers and streams, including hands-on displays of native fish species and aquatic habitats. Visitors can participate in educational programs and guided tours led by knowledgeable staff, learning about the importance of river conservation and watershed management. Additionally, the aquarium offers opportunities for recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, and river exploration, providing visitors with a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of Appalachia's rivers.

At a diagonal to Appalachian Rivers sits the South Carolina Aquarium, where visitors can engage in a variety of immersive experiences that highlight the diverse marine life found in the region and beyond. They can explore captivating exhibits featuring habitats ranging from coastal marshes to deep ocean environments, showcasing a plethora of marine species including sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, and colorful reef fish. Visitors can participate in interactive educational programs and animal encounters led by knowledgeable staff, providing insight into conservation efforts and the importance of protecting marine ecosystems. Additionally, the aquarium offers behind-the-scenes tours, special events, and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages, ensuring an unforgettable and educational experience for everyone.

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