Dedicated to preserving Appalachian culture in the SC Upstate, the Hagood Mill Historic Site gives thrill-seekers a chance to immerse themselves in the everyday activities and interactions that occupied a significant portion of their descendants’ waking hours.

In addition to historical and cultural enrichment, classes in blacksmithing, woodworking, and leatherworking demand physical engagement from participants and require full participation – when you’re holding a red-hot, malleable piece of metal in a forge or wielding a hammer against an anvil to shape that hotel metal, it’s hard not to pay attention! 

Friends forging objects at Hagood Mill Historic Site

Forge with friends at Hagood Mill Historic Site's blacksmithing workshop

If you’ve always thought about applying to be on Survivor, book an “old-time” cooking with fire class and you’ll at least be ready to feed yourself on a deserted island! Alongside an experienced outdoor chef, you’ll use bamboo saplings to build an outdoor grill and smoking tent. Believe it or not, your rudimentary items can be used to cook toothsome smoked meats, rich stews, and flaky biscuits. 

Don’t leave the Hagood Mill Historic Site without examining the 30+ petroglyphs – ancient rock carvings believed to be prehistoric. More than half of the petroglyphs resemble human figures, and one figure with antenna-looking sticks emerging from its head has led others to wonder about alien encounters…Guests can listen to an audio presentation at no extra cost.

The best time to visit the Hagood Mill Historic Site is on “Third Saturdays”! These monthly events attract a large group of survivalist thrill-seekers with primitive camping workshops and other classes/field trips.

Old-time cooking class dishes at Hagood Mill Historic Site

How do your modern-day cooking skills compare to your “old-timey” cooking skills?


Outfitter: Hagood Mill Historic Site

Address: Hagood Mill Foundation, 138 Hagood Mill Rd. Pickens SC


Ages: Differs by class, “junior” offerings available for several activities

Thrill-o-meter: 5

Rates: Classes range from $50-$150/pp

Dates: Wednesday-Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM

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