NC Fossil Festival

NC Fossil Festival

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Embark on a prehistoric adventure at the NC Fossil Festival in Aurora, NC, from May 25-27, 2024! This three-day extravaganza promises a roaring good time for families, blending education with excitement in a fossil-filled fiesta.

Day 1: Unearth the Fun (May 25, 2024)

Kicking off on Saturday, families will be transported back in time as they explore the Fossil Fairgrounds. From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, curious minds can dig into interactive exhibits, uncovering ancient artifacts and learning about the fascinating world of fossils. Budding paleontologists can participate in fossil identification contests and hands-on activities, making learning an adventure for all ages.

As the sun sets, the excitement continues with the Fossil Fiesta Night Parade. Glow-in-the-dark floats adorned with ancient creatures light up the streets, captivating the imaginations of young and old alike. Families can join the parade, creating unforgettable memories under the starlit sky.

Day 2: Dino-Mite Discoveries (May 26, 2024)

Sunday's festivities commence with a Jurassic-themed carnival, featuring dino rides, fossil-themed games, and a giant T-Rex bounce house. Families can embark on a fossil scavenger hunt, discovering hidden treasures and unlocking the mysteries of the past. The Fossil Festival Diner Alley ensures that explorers stay energized with tasty dino-shaped treats.

The highlight of the day is the Fossil Fashion Show, where kids and adults can strut their stuff in dino-inspired outfits. From T-Rex tails to fossilized footwear, creativity knows no bounds in this prehistoric parade of fashion.

Day 3: Fossil Farewell (May 27, 2024)

On the final day, families can bid farewell to the festival with a Fossil Fun Run at sunrise, followed by a paleontologist-led fossil hunt. The excitement continues with a live dino show, featuring animatronic wonders that roar to life, providing a thrilling conclusion to this journey through time.

Hosted by the Aurora Fossil Museum, the NC Fossil Festival promises an unforgettable blend of education and entertainment. So, pack your paleontologist gear, don your dino hats, and get ready for a weekend of fossilized fun in the charming town of Aurora – where history comes to life in every fossilized footprint!

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