Black Ops: covert operations not attributable to the organization conducting them. Carried out in secret and often off the official record to maintain plausible deniability. While few readers can know the thrill of participating in clandestine military or intelligence operations, we may have found the next closest experience.

Built by combat veterans, Black Ops Paintball & Airsoft’s 13.5-acre Myrtle Beach field is one of the most sought-after outdoor paintballing arenas in the Carolinas. Your Black Ops paintball package includes field entry, safety equipment, and unlimited air refills. Choose how long you want to play and your paintball quantity, gear up, then head out to enjoy the state-of-the-art barricades, obstacles, trenches, and vantage points.

Guys standing in front of a Black Ops paintball banner

Black Ops paintball — the perfect, if unconventional, team bonding activity!

If you’ve never played paintball, it is true that getting hit by one can sting like a rubber band snap and maybe even leave a bruise; however, the protective gear in your paintball package is meant to mitigate the pain. Black ops also offers different kinds of ammo for all preferences, ages, and experience levels:

  • Paintball guns: fire spherical capsules filled with paint using compressed carbon dioxide; easier to verify hits due to visible paint splatters 
  • Airsoft guns: fire 6mm plastic BBs using compressed gas, electric power, or spring mechanisms; hits based on honor system since the BBs don’t leave a mark
  • Gel blasters: fires hydrogel or water beads using battery-powered electric motors; offers a “middle ground” with less impact than paintball and more visible hits than airsoft

Word on the street is that Black Ops is conducting a covert summer mission – building a new 180-acre facility in Conway, SC! In addition to more paintball opportunities, the site will host “Boggin at the Beach” – a beloved thrill for muddin’ enthusiasts!

Person taking aim at Black Ops paintball

Watch your back!

Outfitter: Black Ops Paintball

Address: 6650 SC 707, Myrtle Beach SC


Ages: 8+ years old (regular paintball); 6+ years old (low-impact paintball); 4+ years old (Gel Blaster parties); all participants under 18 require a waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian

Thrill-o-meter: 9

Rates: $40 Basic Package or $50 Ranger Package (includes mask, paintball market, and 140/500 paintballs for 3 hours/play til close); 10% discount for military, police, EMS, firefighters with valid ID

Dates: Open daily (except Mondays)

Seasoned Carolina Travelers know there are oh-so-many reasons to visit Myrtle Beach, even after you've seen the main attractions. Turning a Black Ops paintball session into a Myrtle Beach day trip or weekend is always worth it! Check out our Myrtle Beach vacation recommendations below:

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