Take the thrill of an aqua park and amplify it by gnar-teenth power, then you’ll be able to anticipate the wakeboarding experience at AF Wakeboard School (AF Wake), a renowned wakeboard school founded by Adam Fields, former wakeboarding world champion!

Don’t have a boat? Neither do most of us! Rent a jetski or Malibu powerboat or let Adam Fields himself tow you on a private charter where you can try waterskiing, wakeboarding, e-Foiling, and wakefoiling. 

Young girl standing in proper wakeboarding stance on the back of a boat

You're never too young to start learning how to shred!

Those last two not sounding familiar? Foiling combines the thrill of surfing, flying, and snowboarding. All-level riders can glide atop the water, thanks to advanced battery-powered technology. This new watersport is enabled by a hydrofoil, which is a wing-like structure attached to the bottom of the boat. It operates on principles similar to an airplane wing, generating lift as the water flows over it. 

There’s a massive wake of watersports events making a splash at Adam Fields Wakeboard School this summer, including:

  • “Adventure Camp” for kids and teens (June 10 to August 18)
  • “Just the Moms” and “Just the Dads”skiing, wakesurfing, and wakeboard school or boating clinics (June 5 to August 18)
  • Lake Gaston Surf and Foil Experience (August 17)
  • East Coast Wakeboarding Championships (September 21)
Family of wakeboarders taking a picture with Adam Fields

What a cool experience to learn from a professional wakeboarder!

Outfitter: Adam Fields Wakeboard School (AF Wake)

Address: 1881 Eaton Ferry Rd. Littleton NC

Site: afwake.com

Ages: Waiver required; parent/legal guardian must sign waiver for riders under the age of 18

Thrill-o-meter: 8

Rates: $225/hr (hourly, 2-hour minimum), $850 (4-hour), $1700 (8-hour); rates include Malibu boat rental, gas, and driver for up to 6 people

Dates: Open 365 days a year (11 AM to 5 PM Saturdays; Sundays through Fridays by appointment)

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